Dear Friends and Supporters of The Hope for Morrope Foundation,

FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS, the Piazza Family has felt like we’ve been offering you dispatches from the front of a war zone, offering you snippets of news from Your School in Mórrope to each of you dealing with the (still!) ongoing global pandemic in your own unique way. Finally, during this summer of 2022, we feel as though we have emerged from the darkness and segregation of global sequestration—and into the light of true international sharing once again.

Thanks to you, the Hope for Morrope Foundation emerges not only surviving, but was able to take the pandemic-mandated time to improve the school facilities and offer the youth of northwest Peru the means to interact with the world—because of your thoughtfulness, the entire world is now an educational resource to the children and young adults living within this resource-scarce part of South America.

Here are just some of the fruits born from Your Support:

  • From zero capacity to educate students remotely prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pre-university school (Asociación de Estudiantes Universitarios de Mórrope—ASUM—founded and supported by Hope for Morrope Foundation) is now fully remote-capable;
  • Only 40% of Peru’s academic institutions survived the upheaval of the COVID-19 Pandemic; because you stepped up and answered the call, ASUM is fortunately one of these surviving institutions(!!!);
  • One of ASUM’s female graduates has been accepted into Peru’s elite National Military Academy, a historical first from the region of Mórrope;
  • Four other students have been accepted into two other top national universities;
  • 58 ASUM students are preparing for the national entrance exams…
  • …and, because of the school’s expanded capacity to educate, ASUM has temporarily welcomed 296 local public school students who lacked the means to learn remotely, bringing them up-to-date with their curriculums…

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