Father Pedro’s vision simply stated is: equal education and employment opportunity. Father Pedro believes in the dignity of every person and the right to a just existence. The best way to accomplish this is through education. We feel that education is the best chance of alleviating the hopelessness of poverty, that education will open doors to a better life, and will not only benefit each individual but also the community at large.

Father Pedro is now retired, but we continue to coordinate our activities through him. He continues to believe that education is a priority in the lives of the young people of Mórrope. The parish of San Pedro is the center of the life in Mórrope.

When we established the foundation, we decided that a school was needed the most. We coordinated with the Association of Students of Mórrope to rent a building where the classes would take place. The students are responsible for the scheduling of the classes and the contracting of the professors from the local university to teach and prepare the students. The main purpose of the pre-university school program, sponsored by our Foundation, is to prepare the students who have finished high school to be able to compete for admission slots in the local university (about 45 kilometers away). However, because higher education is a universal right in Perú, the university is open to all. In many cases, when our students graduate from high school they have not been adequately prepared to take the admission exams required to assure them a place at the university. The exams are stringent, with more students vying for the highly coveted slots than the number of slots available. Once the student is admitted, the education is 100% free.

After a total of six fundraisers we have built the school’s own building. The plans for the two-story building were drawn up by a Peruvian architect.

With the building now functioning, the school has become an overwhelming success in the community. The school program has expanded to the tutoring of elementary-aged children in the summer as well as during the school year. As such, we see the need to bring the entire plan to fruition. The school population is growing in Mórrope and, at the same time, the Student Association has embarked on many other educational projects for the community. One of such projects involves teaching women of all ages arts and crafts or cooking and baking for their own personal enrichment, to find new jobs, or to stablish a small business.

Currently some of the students who have already graduated from the university are teaching the younger children to better prepare them for the challenges of high school. It is so rewarding to see the interest and dedication of our young graduates who continue to instill the need for higher education into a new generation.

There are two groups per year taking the preparatory classes, and each group consist of 40 students.

It should be noted that the students are required to contribute to the cost of their preparation by paying 75% of their tuition. For many it is a great struggle to contribute and the parents make great sacrifices to help their children. The tuition income from the school allows a 25% subsidy of their tuition, which pays the professors’ fees, the administrative costs associated with the operation of the school, as well as the building maintenance. The foundation contributes $ 9,000 to $10,000 per year to pay for administrative expenses, marketing, educational material, building maintenance and subsidies toward other educational projects.

From its inception to this year, 2020, we can report that over 600 students have been accepted to the local universities as well as trade schools and the military. But, there is still more work to do.

God willing and with your help, we will make our plans a reality. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts for all your help. We could have not done it without you.