Doris G. Piazza

Born in Lima, Perú, Doris G. Piazza is one of 10 siblings. Her parents were two of the most wonderful people she had ever met. They instilled in her wonderful values, values she would use the rest of her life. Her parents did not have a high school education but, nevertheless, education for their children was their outmost priority.

After finishing high school Doris was admitted to the Universidad Nacional Mayor the San Marcos, the oldest and most prestigious university in South America. She obtained a Bachelors degree in teaching, and went on to complete a Masters Degree in Education, after which she taught Spanish and Literature to high school students in Perú.

After teaching for several years Doris decided to visit some of her siblings living in New York. It was December of 1974. Doris wanted to improve on the English she had already learned while at the university in Perú, and attended a local college in Queens, New York in an effort to accomplish that.

In 1976 Doris met her husband of thirty eight years, Vito, and they were married a year later at which time they moved to the Baltimore metropolitan area to pursue other careers. Their son, Vito Steven, was born in 1978.

After sixteen years in the banking industry, Doris secured a position with the Social Security Administration.

It was in April of 1998 that Doris was hired by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to work as a bilingual Contact Representative in the Teleservice center. In April 2002, Doris moved internally to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) as a Bilingual Specialist at their Hotline. Her responsibility was primarily detecting and stopping fraud, waste and abuse of tax payer dollars. While at this division she was promoted to three positions, Lead Bilingual Specialist, Administrative Assistant and finally to Special Assistant of the Inspector General. In May of 2010 Doris moved to the Office of Communications and took the position of Public Affairs Specialist with the Multilanguage Services Division, where she was responsible for the translating of many types of public informational documents relating to various Social Security benefit programs. After a full and rewarding career in both, the banking industry and public service sector, Doris retired in December 2013.

In 2002 Doris, along with her husband Vito, established the Hope for Morrope Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit corporation which provides post-secondary education leading to university admission for underprivileged young adults in Mórrope, Perú.

Currently, Doris divides her time working two to four days a month as a Spanish medical interpreter at the Medstar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore City. She also volunteers one or two days as an interpreter at the North West Hospital in Baltimore County. She volunteers at her parish in Carroll County, one or two days a month, and helps an elderly friend with his bookkeeping.